Lina Uzlyte

Lina Uzlyte initial training was in French philology, Social Work and Cultural Mediation: she studied at the Lithuanian university of Educational sciences, Romeris University and at the Sorbonne- Nouvelle Paris 3 where she is currently writing her Ph D thesis and teaching.

Her current research projects deal with tourist guiding in Europe with a particular focus on the status of tourist guide as a cultural mediator. Since 2014 she has been involved in different guide’s federations and associations activities in Europe like annual meetings, discussions and exchanges. In 2015 she participated in the workshops organized by the French ministries of culture and economics in order to analyze the legal context of the tourist guide profession in France.

Research areas

Communication and information: knowledge transmission, intellectual work recognition, interpretation, mediation.

Museum studies : cultural mediation

Recent article:

« La profession de guide-conférencier une belle infidèle du patrimoine et du tourisme, l’identité, la formation et la situation socioprofessionnelle », in In Situ revue des patrimoines vol 30, 2016

Educational qualifications

2014-2017 – Ph D candidate, Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3

2012-2014 – MS History, aesthetics and sociology of cultural mediation, Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3

2012 -BA, Cultural mediation, Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3.

2002- 2005 -BA, Social work, Mykolas Romeris university.

2001-2004 – BA, French philology and didactic.

Professional experience

2005  – Tourist guide in Vilnius, Lithuania

2014-2017 – Lecturer in methodology of university work, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, France (BA) 2015-2017 Lecturer in mediation of heritage, Department of Cutural mediation, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, France (BA)

2016-2017 – Professional tourist guide ethics and practice, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 (MS)